While enjoying my coffee, I often found myself thinking about how great it would be to grow my own coffee at home. At first, it seemed like an impossible idea. But instead of giving up, I decided to do some research. I wanted to learn everything I could about growing coffee plants. After gathering all the information, I needed, I took a leap of faith and got my own coffee plant for my home. In a nutshell, I transformed my desire to grow coffee at home into reality by following these simple steps.

1. Find a suitable space: Dedicate a space indoors or outdoors based on your living situation. Indoors, avoid direct sunlight, while outdoors, ensure enough space for growth.

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2. Opt for indoor growth: It's recommended to grow your coffee plant indoors, as temperatures outside the tropics can be unpredictable and affect its growth. If growing outdoors, consider using a regulated greenhouse.

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3. Obtain coffee plant materials: Find seedlings, cherries, or green coffee beans. Potted coffee plants are rare, so look for freshly picked cherries or green seeds. Avoid using roasted beans for planting.

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4. Choose the right soil: Select nutrient-rich soil with good drainage. Aim for a pH close to 6 to mimic the plant's natural habitat. Ensure proper drainage to prevent excess water accumulation.

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5. Care routine: Water the plant to keep the soil slightly moist, avoiding extremes of dryness or overwatering. Use a pebble tray with water to maintain humidity. Check the pH of the fertilizer periodically and fertilize as needed. Prune the plant regularly, preferably in spring.

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6. Repotting: Repot the plant as it grows taller than 2 feet. Start with the first repotting at around 8 inches in height, and another when it reaches approximately 24 inches during its first year. Ensure responsible repotting, providing enough room for root growth without using excessively large pots.

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By following these simple steps, you can successfully grow and care for your own coffee plant at home.

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Coffee Plant FAQ
Whether you were born with a green thumb or you're new to the garden game, you've likely never tried growing your own coffee plant before. Many of our customers are curious about the coffee growing process and are interested in learning as much as possible. If you want to grow your own coffee tree, we want to help! We've gathered the answers for the most frequent questions we're asked when it comes to growing coffee at your own home, backyard, garden or farm.

1. How Often Should I Water My Coffee Plant?
Depending on indoor and outdoor factors, you'll need to adjust your watering methods as you would with any other type of plant. A good rule of thumb is to water it regularly, approximately once per week with 1/3 cup of water. The soil should stay moist but not be swimming in water. Keep an eye on your plant for signs of dehydration which include limp leaves. When in doubt, never overwater. Give it a little water to see if it perks up and adjust accordingly.

2. How Do You Prune a Coffee Plant?
Coffee plant care includes pruning it when necessary. From initial planting through maturity, you always want to help manage and direct the plant's growth. Control its height and width by limiting new growth. For pruning, be sure to remove all dead branches and fallen leaves. A pair of sharp hand pruners will effectively cut through the branches with ease. Cut stems at a 45-degree angle slightly above the leaf axil. Don't worry if you make a mistake — coffee plants are resilient and will return to form if they're over-pruned.

3. How Fast Does a Coffee Plant Grow?
Coffee plants take many years to mature, sprout flowers and produce coffee beans. You should see an increase in inches within a few months, with the plant reaching a height of 2 feet after the first year. Although this may seem like a relatively quick growth spurt, always remember that it'll take additional years for the plant to flower and produce beans that are ready to pick.

4. How Tall Does a Coffee Plant Grow?
Growing your own plants is an exciting hobby, regardless if you have a windowsill garden or a large plot of farmland outside. However, you must keep in mind that growing a coffee plant is a bit misleading — especially since it can grow rather high. To appropriately plan how and where to grow a coffee tree, you should know how tall a coffee plant grows. Typically, a mature size coffee tree stands approximately 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Of course, individual trees may vary in height.

5. How Much Does a Coffee Plant Yield?
Perhaps the most important question — how many cups of coffee will a coffee plant produce? Inside every cherry are two coffee beans. A coffee plant can produce an average of 4,000 beans per year or approximately one to two pounds of coffee. If you're truly serious about enjoying your own hand-grown coffee frequently, you should consider growing multiple coffee plants at once. Are you ready to grow your own coffee plant? Watching coffee plant seeds grow into a thriving plant provides a great feeling of accomplishment. Anyone who cultivates this success gets two green thumbs up from our team. If you're only interested in grinding and brewing coffee beans, that's okay too! Real Good Coffee Company is here to provide you with high-quality 100% arabica beans, roasted and freshly packed in Seattle. All orders ship free of charge and are guaranteed to satisfy every coffee drinker in your home.